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Commercial trucking insurance is important coverage for an owner-operator or small business providing trucking services. Your insurance options will differ depending on the type of truck your drivers’ are driving, the goods they’re carrying, their number of years’ experience and the risks incurred.

What is Commercial Trucking Insurance?

Commercial truck insurance is an important type of coverage to protect you from costly bills should any of your trucks become involved in an accident. If you drive a personal truck or car, you already know you require auto insurance to stay legal on the road.

Commercial trucking insurance covers circumstances where you use your truck to transport products, animals, customers, and materials. If you use your vehicle both professionally and personally, a commercial insurance truck policy will fill in the gaps your personal auto insurance leaves behind. But, this isn’t typically the case with larger commercial trucking companies.

Trucking insurance policies start with primary liability and then build on that with several other coverages. You’re required to have primary liability coverage as part of a trucking license to protect property and people from damage your trucks cause. But, there are also other types of company trucking insurance you should consider.