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We Proudly Utilize Some of the best Logistical Technology In the Industry

Innovative Logistics Group LLC, now arranges professional dispatch services for owner operators & truck drivers who are focused on dedicating their time & energy on making money and not locating freight. ILG will search for top paying loads while you focus on your business. In addition, we can handle most of the administrative tasks such as negotiating freight rates and handling required paperwork. We have multiple dispatch service plans to choose from so that you will never having to endlessly search load boards or fill out and fax paperwork again. We take care of the trivial tasks so that you can focus on the miles ahead of you. ILG developed an all-inclusive service for all your trucking needs.Whether you have a ‘hands on’ business model & simply need the ‘admin only’ plan or would prefer our all inclusive service, we can customize our services to meet your needs. We understand the frustration truckers face searching load boards, calling brokers with cheap freight, waiting for emails & paying for copies & faxes. Let us take care of your dispatch needs today!!


Carrier Packet Setup and Retention

100 % Non-Forced Dispatch

You Keep 100% of the Linehaul

Dedicated Dispatcher

Loads For All Equipment Types

Broker Credit Checks

Fuel Advance Request

Factoring Setup Assistance

Dispatch Only Packages

Compare our dispatch service packages and find the best fit for you.

Flat Rate Dispatch Plan


Per Week/Truck

Best Value

Best Package Offer

100% of Linehaul Revenue and FSC

Unlimited Gross Revenue

Personal Dispatcher

Unlimited number of loads 

Dispatch Under Your Authority

Fuel Advance Request

24/7 Dispatch Assistance


Linehaul Percentage Plan

"As Low As"


Postpaid percentage per truck

Best Savings

Billed weekly percentage per truck

Unlimited Gross Revenue

100% of Linehaul Revenue and FSC

Unlimited number of loads 

Dispatch Under Your Authority

24/7 Dispatch Assistance

Fuel Advance Request

Factoring Company Submission*

Invoicing and Billing Follow Up

Appointment Scheduling

Freight Rate Negotiations

Load Planning

Check Calls

Breakdown Support

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Administrative Plan


Per Week

1-2 Trucks

Completing Carrier Packets

Submitting Invoices to the Factoring Company.

Unlimited Number of  Carrier Packets 

Dispatch Under Your Authority


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