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Recommended Flatbed Trailer Inventory

Properly secured flatbed cargo prevents items from shifting, spilling, blowing or falling from the vehicle. And that's critical. Proper load securement in dry vans is also a necessity to avoid lost dollars in damaged goods.

Compliance with federal cargo securement regulations is required on all types of commercial motor vehicles, and violations can have serious consequences under the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program.

Here are some items recommended to have on your truck:

* (8) Ratchet Binders

* (2) 6' Drop Tarps, 24'x30'  (8' for Semi-Trucks)

* (1) Box of Rubber Straps (Bungees)

* (20) Plastic Edge Protectors

* (8) 5/16" Grade 70 Chains

* (1) Tarp Repair Kit

* (10) 4"x 27' Winch Straps

* (10) Sliding Winches

* (4) Portable Ratchet Straps

Recommended Company, Austin Tarp: