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Convert Your Invoices into Working Capital for Your Business!

Invoice factoring is small-business financing that lets you turn your invoices into working capital. It’s easier than you might think

Innovative Logistics Group now has strategic partners that can help keep your trucking company by ensuring cash flow is not slowing down your wheels!

Without a doubt, cost is important. So, what should you really expect to pay? To start, freight factoring companies calculate rates based on billing volume. The higher your volume, the lower your fees. Many truck factoring companies offer a flat fee structure with no reserve. This means you pay a one-time fee no matter how long your customers take to pay. It also means that you’ll get the full advance upfront.

*Truck factoring rates also vary by whether it’s a recourse or non-recourse program.*

Non-recourse trucking rates can range from 3%-5% on average for 1-5 trucks.

*However, with 5-10 trucks, non-recourse rates from 1.5% – 2% are often available.*

Typical recourse factoring rates range from 2%-3% for 1-5 trucks.

A company with 5-10 trucks can find funding that ranges from 1%-2%.

Why Choose Triumph Business Capital?

A recognized industry leader. For nearly 15 years, Triumph has partnered with small to medium-sized businesses to simplify and strengthen their operations.​Triumph will help you manage cash flow by purchasing your outstanding invoices through a process called transportation factoring or freight factoring. That’s where we start. Triumph’s other services – online credit checks, fuel discounts, fuel advances, DAT load boards, insurance and more – give small to mid-sized operators access to big company benefits.

Triumph has provided truck factoring services for over ten years – from 1 truck owner operators to 300 truck fleets. They work with all major trucking industry providers, and adapt well to your business requirements. Having worked with over 20,000 freight brokers and shippers, they understand special requirements. You move the freight and Triumph will get you paid.

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Why Choose RTS?

Benefits of Working with RTS Financial:

*Funding within 24 hours and no hidden fees

*As much as 97% advanced on each invoice

*Outstanding customer service since 1995

*Flexible funding that grows with your business

*Access to free credit information on brokers and shippers through the RTS Pro   mobile app

*Easy application and set-up process

*Internet technology that lets you upload invoices instead of mailing originals

*Non-recourse programs available

*All-in-one trucking software for dispatch, accounting, safety and more

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