Running a trucking company is difficult. The trucking industry faces a growing list of regulations although there are not enough resources to support owner-operators and small-fleet owners. Trucking/Logistics, which is a $700 billion dollar industry, is considered the back bone of the U.S. economy. However each and every year, transportation regulations, rising operational cost, low freight rates, and lack of available support is causing owner-operators and small-fleet owners to fail. The large majority of trucking companies operate 10 trucks or less, however, it seems resources are only offered to larger carriers. Innovative Logistics Group was designed to provide solutions for truckers , small fleets, and prospective entrepreneurs.


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In order to be sustainably successful in small business, it is critical to have effective operations coupled with cost saving practices that open up profit margins. We begin our process with learning from you, the best at your business. 


With our expansive partner network of affiliates coupled with the expertise of our staff, we are able to differentiate a tailored development plan that promotes healthy growth within small businesses. Our ability to be able to provide our clients with benefits such as start up funding, operations management and many other business development interests. 


Once we properly make an assessment of the business requirements and ultimately establish goals, our consulting team is put to work to drive your trucking business over the top. Our team works tirelessly in research, development, strategic planning and ultimately execution strategies to put your business at the front of the line. No stone is left un-turned. 

The term consulting is basically just a layman's term for problem solving. At Innovative Logistics Group, we are focused on solving problems while helping you generate new ideas and find opportunities to minimize expenses and maximize profits. Typically, transportation consulting is cumbersome and expensive while typically catering to larger fleets. We are comprised of former transportation leaders, freight agents, and owner/operators. This has provided us with the experience needed and we also have committed to ensuring our approach is made easy to understand, while creating transparency in regards the secret to being a successful business owner.


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Are you wanting to start your trucking business and don't know where to start? Our industry experts can guide you all the way through the whole process. Click below for more information. 

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Innovative Logistics Group LLC, now arranges professional truck dispatch services. If you are looking to keep the wheels turning on your truck and leaving the paperwork behind, reach out to us!

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Success starts with the permits, registrations & DOT compliance programs you need to operate legally.

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We make it simple to start, expand, or revitalize your trucking business. The first stage is where we communicate by learning. We hear your stories, talk about your wins and opportunities, and probe deeper with a variety of questions to fully understand your business. Next, our business experts collaborate together to formulate a plan, based off the initial assessment call and information you provided. This is to create a strategy designed to catapult your business to the next level. Finally, we then present our plans, make additions if necessary, and once everyone is in agreement, it's go time!!


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